Specialist courses

Because of our combat experience and many years of activity in the private sector, we are a perfect partner, who will perform each task assigned by private military corporations. Our specialty is personal protection of important persons, carried out in conditions of peace, crisis and war. Our instructors executed this in Poland, Haiti, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. We know how to share our experience with other sections of personal protection.

What does the GROMGROUP offer?

Vip Protection

The GROM GROUP's VIP protection training is designed to shape basic skills and tactical principles within the constantly evolving area of direct protection. Activities conducted by the GROM GROUP include: protection organization principles and protection tasks for agents, protective activities schemes, moving with VIP, threat detection, operating in threat situations.

These classes are necessary for people who will be involved in security and protection activities and want to know the correct principles of executing VIP protection or want to test their knowledge in this field.

Specialist Shooting

Training participants will become familiar with the principles of combat shooting used by the special unit GROM, including the safe use of firearms, the principles of positioning, handling of weapons, tactics of combat shooting and executing accurate fire, as well as shooting while in motion. Furthermore, participants will learn the elements of the tactical use of weapons during operations. During the course students become familiar with pistols, machine guns and rifles used by the modern special forces. We are the only private company in Poland which conducts courses for snipers.

Altitude Techniques

The GROM GROUP organizes courses for tactical building entries with the use of rope techniques. The course participants will be introduced to the basic principles of setting rappelling points and safety conditions.
With well prepared instructors, the GROM GROUM offers its customers the full spectrum of training conducted in modern special formations. Our experts can teach the "black", "blue", "green" and "red" tactics.Ways of conducting military, special police and anti-terrorist operations in urban conditions, in rooms and buildings.
"Red" Tactic
Linking the aspects of fieldmedicine to combat assault tactics. It is a systemof interrelated activities to inculcate habits, ranging from providingmedical self-care, providing care to other teammembers and evacuation fromthe place of direct combat.
"Green" Tactic
Action in the non-urbanized, particularly forest environment, camouflage methods, principles of topography, survival skills.
"Blue" Tactic
Special actions in the aquatic environment - sea or island.
The GROM GROUP courses are organized employing the American system of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).
Carries a full range of training related to water activities, including the anti-terrorist security on vessels and rigs.

Offensive Driving

Classes are taught by qualified instructors, who work as drivers within personal protection teams on a daily basis. Learning takes place in natural conditions.
The GROM GROUP instructors teach the principles of safe but offensive driving. Participants will learn obstacle avoidance, how to raid an obstacle, an emergency stop of the vehicle in front of an obstacle, power slides and techniques for going out of a skid.
The course offered covers those elements:
1.Elements of safe driving – skilled driving
1.1Theoretical lesson, tactics and techniques used during skilled driving

2.Practical sessions on airfield landing site
2.1 Learning fast "spinning" of the driving wheel
2.2 Symmetrical and non-symmetrical slalom
2.3Elements of skilleddriving
• Avoiding obstacles – driving into obstacle
• Emergency stop before obstacles
• Controlled skidding and technique of stopping vehicle from skidding
• Skilleddriving in operations
If you didn't find intresting course, please do not hesitate to contact us - for companies and groups we can prepare individual offer.


The GROM GROUP Instructors run courses at the best training facilities.We are one of the few companies with its own training center called "Czerwony Bór" /Red Forest/, located 120 km north-east ofWarsaw.
Previously, it was the training center of the "Nadwiślańskie JednostkiWojskowe" – troops subordinate to the Ministry of Interior, assigned to perform tasks within the country and training of the Government Protection Bureau agents.
Therefore, our infrastructure and equipment is ideal for specific training needs of the personal protection section. On 8.5 ha of forest area there is a 0.5 ha water reservoir, a track for cars, field for introductory shooting training, obstacle course, and a shooting range for firearms up to 100 m. The indoor training takes place in buildings, the highest of which is 5 stories high.

We can provide

  • rooms with bathroom,
  • half board,
  • conference room
  • pleace for evening integration.