Detective services

Among our clients are business representatives and private individuals. Our experts are aware that if someone asks the GROM GROUP for help it means that other ways to solve a crisis situation have failed. Therefore, we assist in finding missing persons or fugitives, searching for stolen property, checking the reliability of information and gathering information useful for instance for legal proceedings.

Services related to business security

The protection and high security of internal resources is essential for the proper functioning and development of each company.
It is even more important knowing that business environment is constantly exposed to increasing risks. The most serious of which is extortion, terrorism and the probability of "leakage" of information from the company. The ability to manage risk helps to ensure continuity and efficiency of each business and it also translates into an increase of the company real value.
The experts of the GROM GROUP adjust the scope of presented knowledge in order to match company's characteristics and the positions that course participants hold within the company.

Our support in this area is divided into three groups:

  • Company security, i.e. audits of facility and information safety systems, security policy development, analysis of classified information protection system and the conceptual creation of protection and security system.
  • Business intelligence, i.e. competition analysis, market monitoring, trademark protection, DUE Diligence and Positive Vetting, which support decision making processes.
  • Training for security staff as well as special operations and counter-terrorism training.